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Small Business Break-Even Analyzer 1.6

Small Business Break-Even Analyzer 1.6: A free web site tool for business break-even analysis Cash flow rules the success or failure of a small business. There are a limited number of affordable tools out there to help businesses predict at what point their business will be financially succesfull. The Small Business Break-Even Analyzer takes some key measurements from a business plan and outputs an east-to-read table that tells the user at what point their investment in their small business will start to turn into profits.

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How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Events 1.0

Record your actions after a break up with this software so as to be able to know which events helped you to get back with a girlfriend and which not. Keep a complete database of all your girlfriends, break ups you suffered during your life and the list of events or actions you followed after each break up. In addition, you can run a report which lists all the events associated to the break ups that ended in a reconciliation.

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Break Reminder 3.8.8: OOS / RSI prevention rest break and pause reminder utility
Break Reminder 3.8.8

Breaks to user preset times, after user preset number of Micropauses. Detection of user input to automatically modify times depending on use. A log file for each user to record most events, including ignored pauses and breaks. System Tray icon right-click menu to access necessary functions and status. Options to ignore or enforce breaks. Sounds to indicate when breaks start and finish. Options for Micropauses only, Rest Breaks only, or both. Optional

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RSI Prevention 2.1: RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) Prevention for PC users
RSI Prevention 2.1

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) Prevention for PC users - a computer program that is user friendly, easy to install and configure. It reminds PC users of when to take a short break - every 10 min, 30 min and 60 min (these intervals are configurable). To prevent RSI from occurring or getting worse, PC users need to take regular short breaks during which they can rest their eyes, neck, arms and hands, and perform some simple stretching exercises.

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Breaktime Personal 2: Breaktime encourages regular breaks assisting in RSI prevention.Free application
Breaktime Personal 2

Breaktime v2 (Freeware) controls H and S break policy encoraging users to take regular breaks from the computers at specified times reducing RSI complaints. A log is kept of wether the user accepted or rejected the break. If the break is accepted the start bar is removed and the user is unable to access their pc for the length of the break.Breaktime is programmed to provide regular breaks at intervals suggested by your Health and Safety Dept

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Stress Buster 1.2.0

breaks: Short Pause, Short Break and Long Break * Tailor the break timings to suit your own preferences and working environment * Each user can maintain their own personal settings * Monitors your activity and only advises breaks when they are necessary * Keeps you informed of your computer usage * Progress indicator shows break time remaining * Does not store computer activity statistics. Cannot be used to "spy" on your work. * Snooze or ignore

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Break Time 1.4.50: New OOS and RSI Prevention Software
Break Time 1.4.50

Break Time helps you avoid the weariness (known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injuries), which arises during work on the computer. Weariness arises as a result of long continuous work. It may be prevented if you take a break and do relaxing exercises. Relaxation will be enhanced if you listen to classical music during the break. Break Time tells you when you should take a break and provides soothing music during the break

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